​Pregnancy & Postnatal Pilates

A woman’s body is certainly put through its paces during pregnancy and beyond that into labour. Pregnancy Pilates is the perfect low-impact pregnancy workout. It boosts flexibility and balance and prevents back pain by strengthening your pelvic floor and core muscles which support your spine. Why not read more..

Monday Evening Pilates classes
Village Centre, East Kilbride
Suitable for all levels.  ALL CLASSES ONLINE AT PRESENT
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5.30 - 6.25PM
6.30 - 7.25PM  
7.30 - 8.25PM     
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For pregnancy and postnatal classes click here 
Personal training available: Ideal for those with chronic back pain or lack of self-confidence.
(Referral from medical practitioner may be required)
Corporate Pilates
More and more businesses are taking the proactive approach in promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.  Improve staff morale, create a healthier workplace and enjoy lower rates of absenteeism.  Generate positivity among your team by helping them overcome the two biggest causes of work absence in the country with Pilates – Stress and muscular skeletal problems. Contact us now for more information on how you can run Pilates classes on site in the workplace. Express lunchtime classes available NOW.


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