50 Recipes to Eat well  *Ebook  
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So, what’s in this *ebook?


You’ll find 50 easy to follow recipes which include the calorie amount per serving and the exact fat, protein and carbohydrates content. There is a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner options and include vegetarian, meat and fish dishes. Remember it's easy to change the main ingredient in any of the dishes. If you use MyFitnessPal then you’ll love the bar codes that have been added to each recipe. Simply download the app and start tracking your diet and exercise. It’s never too late to start building a better quality of life. I’ve also included a section on hormones. Understanding how our lifestyle choices affect our hormone level is vital if we want to get the best results possible.


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Arleen xx

******11 years ago I lost my Dad and in his memory I thought I’d raise money for the local East Kilbride dementia carers group charity. Like all charity’s they were struggling due to the pandemic. When I launched the book I donated 100% of all profits to them in the first two months of sales.. In total we raised £757 - a fantastic amount !!!

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