1. When can I start pregnancy or postnatal Pilates? 

Pregnancy - You can begin from your 12th week of pregnancy. In fact the earlier in your pregnancy you begin, the better. Certain conditions could prevent you from participating but these are rare and will be picked up when you complete your medical questionnaire 

Postnatal - You can begin when you have had your six week check up. However if you have had a c section it is recommended that you wait until the 12 week mark. I am able to take you at the 8 week mark following a c section but only with consent from your doctor/midwife/health visitor. 

2. What should I expect? 

Classes are friendly and allow you to exercise in a non-competitive environment. You can work at your own pace and will meet other ladies at a similar stage to you. We will do a combination of standing floor work and floor matwork Pilates. We may use equipment such as bands or mini fitballs. It lasts for one hour. 

3. I’ve never done Pilates before, is it ok for beginners? 

Yes absolutely. All classes are taught with options so you can work at your own pace. Pilates is different from most exercise programs in that we focus on important principles such as breath, control, precision and centering. Like learning to drive it takes time and practice to master. I will teach you techniques to improve your posture and teach you how to engage your deep core muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor. I will also teach you which exercises are safe during pregnancy and the postnatal period and which ones are not. 

4. I’ve done Pilates before, is pregnancy Pilates or postnatal Pilates the same? 

No, the principles are the same, but the exercises are not. There are only 34 original Pilate’s exercises. The majority are not suitable in pregnancy, as they involve lying on your back and on your belly. In this class, we adapt them to make them safe, using pillows, on all fours, and we add in some standing functional work to train your pelvic floor. If you are used to Pilates matwork classes, you may find the pregnancy versions very different. The postnatal class is a beginners Pilates class focusing on posture, pelvic floor strength and overall functional fitness. 

5. What should I wear? 

Wear something easy to move in - gym trousers/leggings and t-shirt. Trainers can be worn in the first part of class, but I recommend bare feet in the matwork part of the class. 

6. What do I need to bring? 

Mats and equipment are provided. If you suffer from a sore back, you may wish to bring a small towel but this is not always necessary and is subject to the individual. - PREGNANCY CLASS - I ask that you bring two pillows to class with you. After 17 weeks of pregnancy, it is advised that you do not lie on your back during exercise due to a condition known as supine hypotensive syndrome which can be brought on by this position. We use pillows to raise your shoulders off the floor. 

7. What if I miss a class? 

Unfortunately classes are non-refundable if you miss a session. Please bear this in mind when you sign up to attend a six week term. 

8. I’m on holiday/ have a night out for one of the session dates. Can I just pay for 5 ? 

The classes often have waiting lists, therefore each term must be paid in full to secure your place. 

9. I have a specific illness / injury, can Pilates help me? 

It is important that you contact me if anything is concerning you prior to payment or attendance 

10. Can I bring my baby to the postnatal class? 

You have the option of bringing your baby, but there are important stipulations. Your baby must be in their car seat/bouncy chair at all times during the standing session and will remain your responsibility. If your baby cries please don’t worry, we are all Mummies. Take time out, attend to your baby and join in again.

However you must not exercise at all whilst holding your baby. During the floor session, your baby can lie on the mat next to you, however this will depend on other considerations. For example equipment being used, a comfortable secure mat for your baby. 

Some ladies ask ……Do I have to bring my baby J ? 

I suggest that if you have someone to take your baby for a little while then you should do this. Give yourself some ‘me time’ and come and exercise without the worry of your little one becoming unsettled. However, you do of course have the option and I encourage you to bring 

your baby rather than you missing out. I’ve seen babies sleep through the whole class, and we have had Mummies who have had an unsettled baby throughout too. It changes week to week, you know your baby better than anyone. Do what suits you best. 


11. I am suffering from Diastasis Recti/ prolapse/incontinence following the birth of my baby. Can I still take part? 

Yes of course you can, I am trained in the specialised area of abdominal separation and will teach how to avoid making it worse and the things to do to help you heal. 


12. It sounds great, how do I sign up? 

That’s easy, send me your contact details via our website contact form and I will be in touch.