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Reviews are everything to a small business........

I've been so lucky to meet some wonderful ladies and gents through the 26 years I have been teaching fitness. It really is the most rewarding of jobs. I'm doing something that I am truly passionate about and the ability to allow you to see real, honest feedback from my wonderful clients is invaluable. I've had my fair share of teachers, office workers, stay at home Mums to many of our wonderful NHS staff including Hospital Consultants, physiotherapists, midwifes and GP's attending. l am delighted to be able to share some of their reviews with you.

With love, Arleen x

Dr Jacqueline Kelly , POSTNATAL PILATES

I cannot speak highly enough of Arleen’s post natal Pilates classes.  My second pregnancy was a twin pregnancy and after my lovely boy and girl had arrived, my body was really calling out for help! I had diastasis (split) of my abdominal muscles and the rest of my muscles had wasted so much that I couldn’t get up from the floor without help.  I felt physically broken and Arleen literally put me back together again.

I work as a doctor and I specialise in medical imaging so my work involves looking through 3D scans of the body.  I therefore have a good understanding of how our bodies move and function and the importance of spinal alignment and working the core including the pelvic floor muscles. What I didn’t know, however, was how slowly to take things after pregnancy and what the correct and safest exercises were to get me back to fitness.  Arleen’s expert knowledge and her kind manner and encouragement during the classes helped get me back to full fitness without causing injury or permanent damage to my body. The focus on posture, safe lifting techniques and breathing was invaluable!

I have no hesitation in recommending these classes to you – they are great fun, a safe way to exercise and a good way to meet other new mums. You can even take baby along!

Esther Krawczyk, Physiotherapist POSTNATAL PILATES


There are so few classes like these available, and provided by such a well educated, motivated and helpful instructor.

I have attended 11 weeks of classes, starting when my baby was just 7 weeks old. She was a rather large baby & caused quite a birth injury!

Arleen provided the perfect class to restart my functional, postnatal rehab journey.

The classes include a lovely mix of standing balance work, lower limb & upper limb strengthening, and great mobilising exercises  along with pilates mat work. Not to mention all the postural advice!

Arleen's instructions to educate and encourage integration of pelvic floor muscles  throughout the class is described in a way everyone can understand!! Not to mention her varied & interesting exercises to help us work these crucial muscles and focus on our breathing!!!  And never worry, our well stretched & weak abdominals are also in safe hands within this class.

She will offer modifications to each exercise e.g keep it easier or allow you to progress to the more demanding option, only as you are able.


Thankyou, for providing a safe place for postnatal woman to exercise and also  have fun!!

Whether you are a physio, like me, with a background in woman's health & pilates, or you have never exercised before, let alone ever heard of pelvic floor muscles - you will hugely benefit from this class & all Arleen has to offer!


Following the birth of my third child, nearly 8 years after my last pregnancy, I decided to approach my postnatal fitness and rehabilitation in guidance with new recommendations.  Arleen's classes have been invaluable in helping me to do this, with safe, up to date , effective advice especially around core and pelvic floor healing prior to returning to high impact sport.  She has extensive knowledge of common post natal problems and will offer tailored exercises to help and hopefully correct these issues such as muscle separation and back / posture problems.  As a busy doctor and mum, I will be able to apply the functional fitness exercises  to my everyday life and gradually transition back to my pre pregnancy exercise regime.

I would highly recommend Arleen's post natal Pilates to mums to achieve results in a fun and friendly environment where baby can come too.



I cannot recommend Arleen and her classes highly enough! Thanks to years of studying and training, she makes you feel like you and your pelvic floor are in very safe hands. It’s such an enjoyable workout and I felt stronger with every class. She works you hard whilst understanding exactly what your body has been through. I’m so glad I went to her dedicated postnatal class and didn’t throw myself back into exercise that could be damaging. She has made me more aware of posture and how lifting/carrying/breathing can affect my pelvic floor. It really has made a difference. Being able to bring your baby along allows you to attend through mat leave and is a lovely way to meet other mums. Loved it xx



As a busy Glasgow based GP, and also now a working mum, I absolutely understand the importance of good pelvic floor muscles.  I’m a first time mum, had my daughter by emergency c.section, and was also left with a degree of abdominal separation from my pregnancy.  When the time came that I wanted to get back into exercise, I was really unsure how to start.  I felt like I had zero core strength, and despite having a section, was totally aware my pelvic floor muscles were weak (after attempting to run and feeling extremely fragile, not good!).  Some friends had started Arleen’s postnatal Pilates class, and suggested I go along.  The class itself is a mixture of gentle cardio with Pilates moves incorporated, whilst focussing on Pilates breath pattern.  The breath pattern really emphasises the importance of pelvic floor engagement/exercise, so its engrained in every exercise you do.  Also you can bring baby with you to the class, which is just so helpful and practical!  1.5 years on from starting Arleen’s class I’m still attending (a non-postnatal class) and feel great for it.  Personally, it’s really made a huge difference to my postnatal body and beyond.  Professionally, I’ve taken on board many of Arleen’s mantras from her classes, about avoiding high impact exercise postnatally, and not just for 6 weeks, and above all the importance of being kind to and respecting your pelvic floor!

Victoria Mullen , Physiotherapist  PREGNANCY PILATES

I attended Arleen's prenatal Pilates class and loved it. I had given up on all other exercise so it was great to get moving and know I was doing it safely. I had a great labour so putting some of that down to the Pilates preparation. As a physio myself I had some knowledge but Arleen's depth of knowledge was incredible, answering many questions thoroughly over the course. I would highly recommend.


Due to being so busy throughout my pregnancy I had very little time to exercise, but I am so glad I managed to make Arleen's summer block of pre-natal Pilates. Arleen is a great teacher in her field and has a great affinity with all the mums, putting everyone at ease. Her knowledge of fitness is second to none and having turned her hand to pre and post natal Pilates it is great to see someone so knowledgable and keen to help women exercise and look after their bodies. She is always able to give the best advice on exercises and modifications to suit different abilities and issues such as pain. Being a Physiotherapist with an interest in women's health I can honestly say it's not easy to find someone as knowledgable in women's health as Arleen. She is always keen to have a chat and give advice. Looking forward to the post natal classes

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Arleen gives consistent direction in her explanation and demonstration of positions, with adaptations to suit all levels. She is supportive in my aims and delivers helpful feedback on my progress which I find encouraging.  Always positive and cheerful, Arleen brings energy and enthusiasm to each class.

P McDowall – Class member, Purple Dove EK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

I have been attending Arleen’s Pilates classes at Nuffield for approximately 8 months following advice from my Physiotherapist. In Arleen I have found the consummate professional. Her communication skills are excellent, clear dictation and a smiling, likeable, approachable personality. Her subject knowledge is deep and extends beyond Pilates.

Linda Knighton, class member, Nuffield, EK


I fractured my hip in September 2010. I joined Arleen’s classes in July 2011 wanting to improve my muscle strength to support my hip joints, increase flexibility and improve posture. I have found Arleen’s classes an ideal fit. Her style of delivery is open and friendly and she is quick to praise our efforts.

Marilyn Graham, class member, Vital, Crutherland, EK


I have attended numerous Pilate’s classes over the years in different gyms with different instructors, and can say that Arleen is by far my favourite due to her friendly approach and first class Pilate’s technique.

Irene Anderson, class member, Nuffield, EK