The 4th Trimester 

Well hello there New Mum – it feels amazing doesn’t it? The special unconditional love that you didn’t know you had to give. The feeling of sheer awesomeness that this tiny wee thing brings into your life…. But by god its hard work. Right?  I teach postnatal Pilates and one of my Mummies was naturally finding it tough in the early days. She said to me recently.

OMG Arleen, after I had him I was in tears and said to my Mum ….. Why does no one explain all of this? Why does no one tell you what it’s really like……?

Her Mum’s answer was, ‘because no one would have babies.

Let’s face it, some women are total Mother Nature from day one. But don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t come naturally to you. There is no manual for motherhood is there? Nothing prepares you for this tiny little thing with a serious voice of its own. You’re trying to find your feet and have opinions thrown at you from your own Mums, Aunties, Gran’s, Health Visitors, and friends who have been there and done it. And let’s not forget the internet. Wow that truly is a minefield isn’t it? If it’s on Facebook it must be true :) . Just take a moment and Breathe. Just breathe. You’ve got this ladies, you’ve got this.  <3

In writing this blog I reached out to some of my postnatal Pilates Mummies and Facebook friends to get their take on a subject close to my heart – The postnatal body. Here’s what came back……………..

I wish someone would’ve told me…..

How long it takes to recover internal and external especially after a c section and that you will never get that body back but it's actually ok and everything will be fine and you will learn to like your new body just as much. ( Lauren )

That everyBODY is quite literally different as is every pregnancy. Some women get their body back instantly, some take months or years or possibly never so we shouldn't compare ourselves to others and just be as healthy as we can be for ourselves and baby then with time everything else will follow. ( Lorna )

Your body has been through a traumatic thing, it won't be the same for a long while (if at all).  Take your time to heal from the inside out! Don’t pressure yourself, take little steps and eventually you'll get there. ( Alison )

.. to chill out and take your time getting back into exercise - and make sure it's post-natal safe! The doctors give you no advice on exercise at your 6 week check other than "do what you used to do if it feels comfortable". ( Laura )

As a pre and postnatal exercise specialist I’m making it my mission to educate and inspire women to look after their postnatal body and take their time in healing.  Now is not the time to jump into your pre pregnancy exercise programme. You’ve heard it before, nine months in, nine months out but unfortunately I still see Mums doing too much too soon. Worse still, they pay the price for it. Education is power.

What you do now in your postnatal period can affect you later in life.

Do you want to increase your risk of prolapse and risk of incontinence in ten years’ time by doing the wrong thing now in your quest to get your pre pregnancy shape back? Worse still, do you have leakages post pregnancy when you sneeze or cough but have decided to go for a run anyway?

JOIN ME IN the POSTNATAL BODY – PART TWO and PART THREE  where I’ll share some more comments from REAL ladies on what they wish they had known…… AND

·         I’ll be talking about what’s common and what’s normal POSTNATAL as well as….

·         the do’s and don’ts of early postnatal exercise …

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